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Individuals acquainted with public folders know the amount of a discomfort they may be. Microsoft makes offers to eliminate them again and again, yet they’re still around so that as painful because they will always be. Understandably, it is not easy to eliminate support for any feature that’s so heavily relied on with legacy systems. The proceed to modern public folders with Exchange 2013 made some drastic enhancements, but to them modern appears misleading (as well as humorous) in my experience. Public folders continue to be an old method to store everything on the planet as a swap, creating headaches for Exchange admins for many years. However that isn’t what this information is about.

I lately labored with an Office 365 migration task for a person which had Exchange like visit this page. They’d roughly 140 servers spread across about 35 sites. Additionally they had over 2.two million public folders, topping off just over 90TB. In the event that wasn’t overwhelming enough, the general public folder replicas were separate and disseminate around the globe. For instance, public folder content for United kingdom users was just within the United kingdom, while public folder content for all of us users was just in america. For websites that weren’t big enough to warrant a passionate public folder server, they’d their public folder content disseminate in random locations. I’ll provide you with a minute to allow that occur.

When speaking for this customer’s IT staff, they pointed out that they formerly conferred with Microsoft particularly concerning the public folders issue. They explained that Microsoft had really mentioned that they the biggest public folder base they’d seen. There might be bigger ones available, but Microsoft doesn’t appear to understand any.

If you’re acquainted with the constraints of public folders as a swap Online, you will be aware that there’s a tough limit of 50GB for every public folder mailbox, along with a limit of just one,000 public folder mailboxes in one tenant. There’s additionally a limitation to the amount of synchronised connections you could have one public folder mailbox, that is 2,000. Should you choose the mathematics, that also isn’t enough to cram an astonishing 90TB into, as well as time and logistics it might take to do this even when it you can.

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