Achievements in Workplace Safety and Health

Bizsafe is truly a five-step program management to help organizations demonstrate their ability to supply and improve WSH in the atmosphere of their company. The organization will lead the guidelines and auditors to help promote safe workplace practices by initiating senior management, allowing them to demonstrate their dedication, analyzing workplace risk and demonstrating risk management capabilities through the implementation of the WSH management process. Companies that participate in this practice are highly recognized and reap the benefits of the market by providing a certain safety environment, thus improving the value of their companies.

If you choose web-based research, most service companies in Singapore either do not have any BIZSafe certification and only got a Bizsafe certificate from level 3. This is really really common because a larger bizsafe rating means greater cost. Due to the high operating cost in Singapore, CitiCool has the same concern. However, in CitiCool, we saw things differently. Service and installation involve many business risks and risks.

It is therefore important for all of us to define and maintain a higher safety and safety policy and procedures in the workplace. As they say, “TQ means doing things right the first time.” We liked it to be done correctly the first time. Whenever we get this right first, we are able to do the proper and correct maintenance. Moreover, since CitiCool has already obtained the majority of the basic documents and practices on the site, we thought that getting a bizstar certificate was just a matter of one another with documents and practices on workplace safety and health.

To tell the truth, getting a Bizsafe certificate from Level 3 or Level 5 of WSHC was not our main concern. Our main concern was that workplace safety and health measures should be correct and standard.

Help us get a greater evaluation in making sure we are all of the correct documents and practices on site. In the end during the day, the most important factor is our effort to maintain the traditional. We must focus on the essence rather than simply focus on the testimony. Although getting the bizsafe level 2 was enough to keep our business going, we chose Bizsafe Level 5 immediately.

The essence of Bizsafe Level 5 (bizstar) For an OHSAS or bizsafe 5 certification, there will be no conflict for many companies when basic needs are met. However, is that enough? At Citicool, we feel at the core and not just documents or testimony alone.

We are always aware of focusing on the well-being of our workers, which have been well mentioned among the core values ​​of our company under commitment and openness, “Commitment to care for employee safety, health and commitment and ” From different backgrounds and respect each other regardless of age, language, culture, religion and ethnic background. “

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